About JH0

The back of Jonathan Ho on the edge of Tai Mo Shan


Jonathan Ho, as known as JHo grew up in Hong Kong, with a designer mum and a engineer dad. Under his parents' influence, JH0 developed an interest in both art and engineering, which he also showed talent in, being able to build and programme lego mindstorms NXT at 5. Then later on, NXT can not fullfill his need and he start building with arduino and learn c++.

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JH0 has got the engineering strength from his father and the artistic capacity from his mother who used to be a fashion designer. His interest is sort of diversified. Anything he do with the computer is for the pleasure of it. In his backpack, he carry a box of professional screw drivers wherever he go, because he is often asked to handle repair jobs, be it of big and small. And he take pride of it.

Besides, I am very fond of kayaking and hiking. To commensurate the start of a school semester, I would get up very early and climb the Lion Rock Mountain, a famous landmark in Hong Kong to watch the sunrise on my own before travelling back to school. This gives me a moment of serenity and prepare myself psychologically for taking up tough school work.

I also take pleasure in doing photography, painting and cooking, and I find such engagement gives a better balance of me. The process of learning guitar actually is quite entertaining, especially when observing the changes of how my stiff hands mastering the chords swiftly through practices. It’s kind of like meeting the mysterial force inside my brain face to face, who writes the computer codes to enable me taking up new skill.

Somehow, I enjoy a great deal sharpening knife with a whetstone. What interest me is not the knife but those technical aspects such as how to angle the knife against the surface, how to move my hands for less energy consumption, how thin is the blade being considered as sharp, etc. To sort out those issues in a practical way is very intriguing. So, in the kitchen of my home all the dull knives are under my care.

photo credit: JH0

image of JH0
image of JH0

Iconic work

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IEEE Electronic Endeavor Match

In this competition, it tests your knowledge on build electronic circuit by circuit diagram with speed and accuracy

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MATE Hong Kong RANGER & EXPLORER Regional ROV Competition

In this competition, my teammate and I build an underwater robot to accomplish a complex task, follow line underwater, pick on a heavyweight.

photo credit: JH0

Aaward List

2011第五屆101創意發明大賽香港創意及科技協會Runner up
2012第六屆101創意發明大賽香港創意及科技協會Runner up
2013Mathematics in ChineseThe University of New South WalesDistinction
2013第八屆創協盃創意科技機械人大賽-創意機械人大賽Creative Technology Education AssociationFirst prize
2014第八屆101創意發明大賽香港創意及科技協會Runner up
2015第十屆創協盃創意科技機械人大賽-創新設計比賽Creative Technology Education AssociationRunner up
2016Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016Hong Kong ICT industry associations and professional bodiesBest Student Invention Award
2016Underwater Robot CompetitionThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyBronze award
2016World Robot Olympiad Hong Kong Robot ChallengeWorld Robot OlympiadGold award
2016英才盃-STEM教育挑戰賽Hong Kong New Generation Cultural AssociationChampion
2016Hong Kong ROBOFEST World Champion - ExhibitionLawrence Technological UniversityRunner up
2017IEEE Electronic Endeavor MatchIEEE Electron Devices SocietyThird place
2017Maker Chef - 3DHong Kong Polytechnic University of School DesignRunner up
2018IEEE Electronic Endeavor MatchIEEE Electron Devices SocietyThird place